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last update: october, 3 2003

What's new

ghtBackup is the ideal software for who has the necessity to make backup copies of the own files with a little click of the mouse.

- Support Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP
- Possibility to interrupt the copy anytime (not using the Filter parameter)
- Command line execution
- Multilanguage support (send us your file .LANG so we can insert it in next releases!)
- File script management to execute more consecutive copies
- Visual creation of file script
- Associate file script for execution from Windows Explorer
- Filter in order to make the backup of the files that are desired (i.e. *.txt)
- Choice between "always overwrite" files, or "ask confirm"
- Silent mode
- Automatic creation of restore script
- No error message showed wich can stop the backup process
- Backup of the current folder only
- Freeware under the GPL license


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